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Spice Blend Pack Includes:

*1.36 oz of specially blended spices to create our "Secret Family Chowder Base"
*Shopping list of fresh veggies to         include in your homemade chowder
*Step by Step instructions/recipe to               make our chowder yourself!!
*Makes approximately 1 GALLON
Ingredient List:

1 Chowder Spice Blend Package
(order from our website)

2 Medium Potatoes
1 Can of Corn (15.25 oz)
1 Medium Onion
1 ½ cu. Flour
3 Stalks Celery
4 cu. Milk
1 Medium Bell Pepper
1 ½ cu. Half & Half
3 Medium Carrots
½ Lb. Smoked Salmon
4 cu. Water

Step by step instructions to prepare our Smoked Salmon Chowder included
in your order!